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One of the most elusive whales in the Salish Sea.

Minke whales are one of the least studied marine mammals in this area, and we love them! Minkes are relatively solitary and spend their time in the Salish Sea on the search for food. They feed on schools of small baitfish. Watching a minke whale lunge feed through a bait ball is exhilarating, especially when there are multiple animals feeding in the vicinity.

A Sad History of Whaling

Minke whales were relatively “safe” during the whale era as many whalers thought they were too small to be a worthwhile catch. It hasn’t been until recent decades that whaling has been more directed to the minke whale population. Minke whales are the most widely distributed whale and due to the fact that they were overlooked during the whaling era, they are abundant. Minke whales and other marine mammals in the US are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. In the Salish Sea, we have some of the same minke whales who frequent these waters, year after year.


Learn more about the area’s wildlife and scenery.

The waters surrounding our five departure locations offer some of the most diverse whale and wildlife viewing on the west coast.  Onboard each of our tours, an experienced naturalist helps identify all of the whales, wildlife, and rich history that this area holds

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